We focus on outreach, evangelism, the presentation of the Gospel and promoting changed lives.

Our mission is to see an ever-increasing number of people live out the conversion experience that Paul described in Ephesians chapters 4-6.

In Ephesians 4:17 he makes the point that as believers everything about us is now subject to change. A renewed mind produces renewed behavior. He then proceeds to give numerous practical examples of how our lives are radically changed because of our decision to believe/receive Jesus. From chapter 4:25 to chapter 6:9 Paul makes the case that we are not the same person that we were prior to becoming a Christian.

At Wheatland Community Church this passage of scripture and this concept of the life-changing power of God is central to our vision –


Core Values

Friendship – A contagious spirit of friendliness, taking the initiative to meet people we’ve never met before, and the opportunity to establish lasting relationships.

Maturity – Learning, growing, changing, rising to new levels of character development, ministry skills and leadership.

Generosity – In every sense of the word, we are givers; time, talent, finances, a helping hand, a friendly smile. We practice what Jesus preached. “Freely you have received, freely give.” Matt 10:8

Hospitality – Everyone who walks in the door is our guest, to be welcomed with genuine care. With refreshments and a pleasant atmosphere. Our aim is to make people feel at home in church.

Courage – In day-to-day life people face many challenges. We are here to encourage one another to be strong in handling tough situations, making courageous decisions regarding morals, money and emotions.

Volunteering – A deep sense of fulfillment comes when we discover our calling and gifting. Developing a servant-spirit and getting involved in various areas of ministry is responsible, relational, and rewarding.

Diversity – “On Earth as it is in Heaven” Matt. 6:10 The body of Christ is a beautiful blend of people with a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities, personalities and abilities. All are loved and accepted.

Diligence – Whatever you do in Jesus name, do it with all your heart, do it with a spirit of excellence, little things count. Be dependable. In the words of Peter, “make every effort.” 2 Peter 1:5